General Tax Services

Tax has become a significant business issue and there is a global tax reset underway. We’ll help you navigate the global tax landscape. We provide both national and international tax services whether you are a local business or an established multinational company. Eventually, all will be faced with cross-border transactions with its tax implications involving international tax.

In general, we provide several tax services such as:


VAT Compliance and Advisory

Our services include VAT document reviews, drafting precedent VAT clauses, advice in relation to mergers, acquisitions and structuring, negotiating VAT positions in relation to contracts, advice on input tax recovery and apportionment methodologies, VAT dispute management, private ruling applications and VAT due diligences.


Withholding Tax (Non-Employment) Compliance and Advisory

Different interpretation, income characterisation, and administrative procedure requirements are areas prone to dispute. Hence, we will assist you to comply with the withholding tax position, to prevent disputes in the future. Moreover, we are also able to draft private ruling applications, to provide independent analysis or opinion and due diligence of withholding tax.


Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Compliance and Advisory

Our expertise in accounting may help you in calculating and testing Corporate Income Tax compliance. DDTC has advised clients from a number of types of industries on several significant Corporate Income Tax issues, among which the issues of the determination of financial income and expenses, capital gain or loss from restructuring and acquisitions, and specific taxation regime on mining contracts.

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