Tax Dispute Support

DDTC has proven its expertise in dispute support services by being trusted by significant, large multinational companies which resulted in settling significant dispute profiles. 

Our approach is a combination of experience, theoretical concepts, legal interpretation, and business transactions comprehension, and high credentials to provide trust for both taxpayer and tax authority.


Tax Audit Support

We will support you in every stage of tax audit and evaluate audit techniques and adjustments conducted by the tax authority. We will also assist you in providing written responses and represent you when directly interacting with the tax authority.


Tax Objection Support

During tax objections, we will represent clients to support their tax positions by rebutting tax authority assessment. Where the dispute involves factual matters, we will ensure that all facts or documents requested during tax audit could be submitted or resubmitted during objection. 

Failure to provide sufficient facts during audit or objection could disallow such facts to be presented during appeal. As for legal disputes, we will employ our signature tax research techniques to support clients’ objections.


Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP)

Whenever a cross-border taxation dispute occurs with a taxpayer of a tax treaty partner of Indonesia, an option to resolve the dispute through MAP is worth reviewing. 

DDTC will integrate its team of experts to provide strategy and if necessary, team up with the other country’s team to seamlessly support the client’s best interest. We will employ its unique assets of its team and its credentials to help support the client’s position.

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