HNWI and Expatriate Taxes

We specialize in services to High-Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and expatriates in a variety of industries.


Taxpayer ID Registration and De-Registration

For individuals focusing on business expansion, tax administration could be troublesome and in some cases, it may impede taxpayers. Find out more about how you can manage your tax administration, in particular for ID Registration and De-registration, effectively and efficiently without setting your business aside.


Individual and Expatriate Tax Return Preparation Services

There is more to preparing a tax return than just filling in the blanks. We take a further step in that we conduct thorough observation on your conditions that apply in the fiscal year. Our vast experience says that this commencement should save you time and money by avoiding disputes with the DGT. Our key action is analysis on your business and circumstances and adjusting them with tax liability as the result.


Individual and Expatriate Tax Dispute and Litigation Support

Disputes may arise for a number of reasons. However, a well-prepared and presented case has a significant role to stand your ground. We shall assist you to identify your needs, enrich your stand and execute the planning to present your case in well-mannered preparation.


Residency, Ownership and Business Structuring Tax Advisory

Not only does global business provide great opportunities, but also significant problems. A simple case would be double residency of a taxpayer that triggers double taxation upon states with World Wide Income as their tax system. 

Thus, it is a must for taxpayers to take precautionary measures prior to entering the global opportunity. In this matter, our in-depth and vast knowledge will enable us to provide advice and assist you to explore possibilities of such measures, which would suit your condition while simultaneously considering rulings that may apply.

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