Tax Compliance Assurance

We provide comprehensive tax compliance research service which is designed to give additional value, which may increase the assurance of your degree of tax compliance. We apply several methods to review tax compliance, as follows:


Agreed upon Procedure (AuP) Tax Engagement or Diagnostic Tax Review

AuP tax engagement is intended to identify internal capability to use agreed upon audit standards and procedures. This procedure is similar to audit standards commonly applied by tax authority in Indonesia. In this matter, we will test the bookkeeping of taxation accounting, calculation, and other required procedures. We can also evaluate overall degree of tax compliance. AuP tax engagement is conducted not only to give a strong basis in compiling factual reports of taxation position, but is also designed and conducted to discover whether there are certain tax risks along with the causes.


Tax Due Diligence

The main objective of a tax due diligence for a purchaser is to determine the past, present and future tax liabilities of the target entity, including disclosed, undisclosed, realised and unrealised tax liabilities. Tax due diligence will help you establish the purchase price, warranty clause, and the limitation of taxation responsibilities within stock sale and purchase agreements, determine the target entity’s tax profile, and help plan the appropriate acquisition and funding structures. In conducting tax due diligence, we combine our expertise and experience in accounting and law.

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